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CTO Offers Distant Learning

CTO, like all schools during the pandemic, continues to educate students across the state of Minnesota. We are partnering with schools using “distant learning” to offer critical real-time curriculum on substance use disorder, the opioid epidemic, and novelty drug trends. All of which serves to save lives and provide students with insight that will allow them to make informed decisions about substance use.

To deliver this critical education safely and effectively during these unprecedented times, we’re working with some of our closest partner schools to tweak our program. Our efforts at pioneering a new paradigm look promising!

Student surveys show our program continues to be impactful and effective in a distant learning format. 98% of students believe young adults would benefit from seeing the program. 100% said they will be more informed and more careful when making decisions about taking any prescriptions or substances of any kind.

If you are interested in scheduling a distant learning program with CTO, please contact us. 

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