About Us

Our Mission

Change the Outcome provides focused learning opportunities for young people that will educate them on important aspects of opioid use and the disease of addiction. 

Who We Are

Change the Outcome is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit established in July, 2017. We work to raise awareness and understanding of addiction and the opioid epidemic to reduce stigma, shame and judgement. Using our unique and powerful methods, We provide students with vital information about current drug trends, how even legitimately prescribed drugs can have risks, how predisposition plays a role in developing the disease of addiction, the importance of self-advocating, alternatives to opioids for pain relief, the use of Naloxone to save lives, and how to support those who struggle.

Initially, we’ve focused our efforts on 7th through 10th graders. Because earlier panels have been so impactful we’ve been asked to return and provide additional panels for other grades.

Our Methods

Our model is simple but unique and effective. We go into schools and talk with students about the opioid epidemic and addiction in general. First, they watch a newly-created documentary shot, directed, and produced in Minnesota about the opioid epidemic. The following day, we provide a “panel” to answer questions they may have and talk about issues surrounding opioid use.

Our film is 40 minutes long — created to fit within a class hour. Our panels are conversational in nature, aimed to engage students with personal stories and Q&A. They usually include 2 young people in recovery, a family member who has been impacted by a loved ones addiction, and a local law-enforcement officer. We do not lecture, but instead facilitate an honest exchange of truthful information.

While it would be simple to provide a “standard” program, our goal is to reach young adults and communities in the most impactful and informative way possible. Both our volunteers and the student’s we’ve worked with feel that the panel discussions are the most valuable part of our program. As we visit schools, we work with administrators and teachers to meet the specific needs of their students.

Meeting Your School’s Needs

What works in a large Twin Cities middle/high school doesn’t necessarily work in a smaller rural school, so we’re flexible in how we deliver our program.

In some cases, schools view our documentary in small classroom settings and conduct the follow-up panel discussions with a larger group. Others show the film in an auditorium setting and host panels in smaller settings. We work with each school to bring the program that fits the constraints of your class sizes and schedules.

If you’d like Change the Outcome to visit your community, encourage your school to request a visit today.

Our Work

Since November, 2017 we’ve been able to talk with over 15,000 students, 700 educators, and 800 parents and community members.

School Districts we’ve delivered our program to include:

  • Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City
  • Bloomington
  • Eden Prairie
  • Edgerton
  • Elk River
  • Lewiston-Altura
  • Menahga
  • Minnetonka
  • Montevideo
  • Wayzata

Areas we’re currently scheduling a visit to include:

  • Buffalo
  • Duluth
  • Hopkins
  • Little Falls
  • Marshall
  • Rochester
  • St. Cloud
  • St. Michael/Albertville

Every school we’ve been in has invited us to return!If your school would like a visit from Change the Outcome, request one today.

By popular request, we’ve also given presentations to communities in:

  • Bloomington
  • Little Falls
  • Lewiston/Altura
  • Minnetonka
  • Montevideo
  • St. Cloud
  • Shorewood
  • Wayzata

Our program is gaining momentum! We’re proud to say that our impact is expanding across the state. We look forward to working with more more and communities to Change the Outcome.

To view the map above in more detail, check out the full size image.