About Us

Change the Outcome was established in July, 2017 with the goal of developing educational initiatives for young people. We are working to raise awareness and understanding of the opioid epidemic to reduce the stigma of addiction. We provide students with vital information about the opioid epidemic, addiction, and how to get help for those who struggle.

Since November, 2017, in collaboration with the FBI and Hennepin County Drug Courts we’ve been able to talk with over 6000 students, 500 educators, and 500 parents and community members.

Using a very simple model we’re going into schools and talking with students about the opioid epidemic. Students will watch a newly-created documentary shot, directed, and produced in Minnesota about the opioid epidemic. The following day, we provide a “panel” to answer questions they may have and talk about issues surrounding opioid use. The panels include a local narcotics law enforcement officer, two young people in recovery, and someone who has lost a family member to addiction.

The panel sessions are one hour, provide real-time information with regard to what is happening with the opioid situation in their community, provides information on risks due to pre-disposition, overdose, reversing an overdose with Naloxone, the Good Samaritan Law, and lots of opportunity for questions and answers. The most impactful aspect of the panels comes from the young people in recovery who share their stories of their path into and out of addiction.

Initially the focus has been on 7th and 10th graders. Because earlier panels have been so impactful we’ve been asked to return and provide additional panels for other grades.

We are currently hard at work on a new kind of addiction documentary that shows Minnesota teens a perspective on the opioid epidemic they can truly understand. Every penny donated to Change the Outcome directly supports that project.

Change the Outcome is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit.