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How We Work

Combating Substance Use Disorder, overdose, and death through education


First, attendees watch our documentary. It puts a human face on addiction and recovery in Minnesota’s youth. The documentary reveals the gap between most kids’ beliefs about drug use and the reality. We created our film to share honest stories of young adults and others who have been impacted by the opioid/overdose epidemic and addiction and to give people the tools they need to protect themselves.


Soon after, attendees hear from a panel made up of young people in recovery and someone who has lost a loved one to addiction. Panels provide real-time information on emerging drug trends, the opioid situation in Minnesota, and candid answers to questions from the audience. We have honest, factual conversations using current data from authoritative sources, addressing critical topics like Naloxone/Narcan, the prevalence of fentanyl, recognizing an overdose, the Good Samaritan Law, safe medication disposal, and local support resources.


We began our program in the fall of 2017 with help from Hennepin County Drug Courts and the FBI. Our first panels were held in two pilot school programs. After our initial success, Change the Outcome took the lead. Since then, we’ve spoken to over 50,000 students, educators, parents, and community members. We run our programs throughout the state of Minnesota to have honest conversations about the leading cause of death for young adults. We prefer to present our programs on-site, but we also offer virtual learning programs when that isn't possible.


Are you ready to Change the Outcome? You can request a visit to your school or community. You can support us knowing that 100% of your donations go directly to developing and delivering our curriculum on the opioid/overdose epidemic. We provide education about overdoses, substance use disorder, and recovery with a particular focus on young adults. Or, you can educate yourself on recognizing substance use disorder and supporting people in their recovery.

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100% of donations go directly to developing and delivering our curriculum to schools and communities all across the state of Minnesota

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Our Mission

Change the Outcome provides focused learning opportunities for audiences to educate them on important aspects of opioid use, the disease of addiction, and emerging drug trends. Every attendee will be armed with practical knowledge that can save a life, prevent substance use disorder, and actively address the opioid epidemic in simple but meaningful ways.

Learn Why We Fight

Our Impact

It's rewarding to know our program really works, and our Audience Survey shows just that:


95% said they would be more careful when deciding if they would take a pill or substance because of the information they learned from Change the Outcome.

On Message

97% felt other people their age would benefit from the program.


Audience members gave an average overall rating of 9 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent).


Comprehension of Narcan, Good Samaritan Laws, assessing personal risk of SUD, recognizing an overdose, and safe disposal of medications went up an average of 70%.

  Honest Conversations Matter

We're here to lead them

Program Feedback

Here's what audiences and collaborators say about our panels

Change the Outcome has become an essential part of our health curriculum over the past 4 years. Their program is one of the best we offer our students and we appreciate the in-depth education this organization provides.

Eden Prairie TeacherHigh School

I really want to say thank you. It helped to hear this stuff, and from someone who’s struggled a lot in the past few years, this felt really important to hear to keep me away from going down a path that would bring me somewhere I can’t easily turn away from.

Bloomington StudentMiddle School

Having honest conversations with youth about what’s happening in their communities with regard to drugs is crucial. It helps them understand misconceptions related to drug use.


One of my best friends overdosed twice. Even though she's got a year of sobriety, she still gets cravings. If she ever relapses and overdoses while I'm around, I'll know what to do. Thanks.

St. Paul StudentHigh School

I liked how different this program was from others we've had. Instead of lecturing us not to do drugs, you guys had an open discussion with us about facts and the real consequences of substance use. You were inspiring!

Bloomington StudentHigh School

It was really informational and I learned a lot. I think all kids my age could benefit from this program.

Proctor StudentMiddle Schoool

Meeting Your Needs

Change the Outcome’s educational initiatives do not come in a “one size fits all” box. We work with collaborators to deliver programs that fit their audience and maximize our impact.

Every Visit is Unique

Meet the Founder

Colleen Ronnei

Executive Director

Colleen Ronnei

Executive Director

In an effort to make something good come from my heartache I began volunteering on different efforts surrounding the opioid epidemic after we lost Luke. I became a board member with the Steve Rummler Hope Network after volunteering there for several months, I've worked with several community coalitions in the twin cities and northern Minnesota, and participated in Hennepin County’s NoOverdose Campaign to assist in educating communities about current drug dangers, trends and prevention through town hall meetings. My work on these different areas made me realize that my heart is with the kids—I need to try to reach kids! So much of the work being done is focused on reacting to this national health crisis. I believe we can save a lot of lives through efforts aimed at prevention. Information is power, and if young people have the facts they can be aware of the problem and make their decisions accordingly.

Want to Learn More?

We'd love to tell you all about it.

Our Process

What We’re Up To

Upcoming events, the Latest News, and More

CTO Offers Distant Learning

CTO, like all schools during the pandemic, continues to educate students across the state of Minnesota. We are partnering with schools using “distant learning” to offer critical real-time curriculum on substance use disorder, the opioid […]

Duluth High Schools Welcome CTO

This week we traveled to Duluth to put on several panels for the Duluth Community. To the students of Duluth East and Denfeld High Schools, thank you for all your support and for your open minds!

Essentia Health Hosts CTO at Clyde Iron Works

Thank you for inviting us, Duluth! Despite a lot of wins in the battle against the Opioid Epidemic, we’ve still got work to do. We’re glad our program can support your fight.

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