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Let’s End the Opioid Epidemic

100% of donations go directly toward developing and delivering educational content to schools and communities across Minnesota

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Our Impact

We Surveyed Nearly All of the 90,000+ Students, Teachers, Parents, and Neighbors We’ve spoken to in dozens of Minnesota Communities since 2017. they tell us our program Really works.


95% said they would be more careful when deciding if they would take a pill or substance because of the information they learned from Change the Outcome.


97% felt other people their age would benefit from the program.


Audience members gave an average overall rating of 9 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent).


Comprehension of Narcan, Good Samaritan Laws, assessing personal risk of SUD, recognizing an overdose, and safe disposal of medications went up an average of 70%.

Our Mission

Change the Outcome provides focused learning opportunities about opioid use, the disease of addiction, and emerging drug trends. We arm Every attendee with practical knowledge that can save a life, prevent substance use disorder, and actively address the opioid epidemic in simple but meaningful ways.

Learn Why We Fight

Our Method

We Combat Substance Use Disorder, overdose, and death through education


First, attendees will watch our documentary featuring candid stories of young adults affected by Minnesota’s opioid crisis. This documentary not only sheds light on the devastating impact of addiction but also highlights the pathways to recovery, offering hope and inspiration.


Soon after, attendees hear from a panel made up of young people in recovery and someone who has been impacted by a loved one’s addiction. Our panels provide real-time information on emerging drug trends, the opioid situation in Minnesota, and candid answers to questions from the audience.


Since beginning our program in 2017, we’ve spoken to over 80,000 people. We have honest, factual conversations using current data from authoritative sources, and address critical topics like Naloxone/Narcan, fentanyl, recognizing an overdose, the Good Samaritan Law, safe medication disposal, and local support resources.


Are you ready to Change the Outcome? You can request a visit to your school or community. We run our programs throughout Minnesota. Or, you can support us knowing that 100% of your donations go directly to developing and delivering our curriculum. You can also educate yourself on recognizing substance use disorder and supporting people in their recovery.

Want to Support Our Efforts?

100% of donations go directly to developing and delivering our curriculum to schools and communities all across the state of Minnesota

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Honest Conversations Matter

And we’re here to lead them

Program Feedback

Here’s what audiences and collaborators say about our panels

Change the Outcome has become an essential part of our health curriculum over the past 6 years. Their program is one of the best we offer our students and we appreciate the in-depth education this organization provides.

Health Teacher

Eden Prairie High School

I think that it is very educational and makes everyone aware of things going on in the community. It helped me better understand the severity of substance misuse. All of you were really well spoken and had way more impact coming from you than a teacher.


Bemidji Middle School

Having honest conversations with youth about what’s happening in their communities with regard to drugs is crucial. It helps them understand misconceptions related to drug use.



Change the Outcome’s program has proven to be effective at reaching youth and positively  influencing their decisions about substance use.


U.S. House of Representatives

Change the Outcome has used best practices to create a program that is one of a kind with the way they present educational information to students on opioid use, the disease of addiction as well as the rising drug trends that our youth might encounter in our state.

Project Manager

MN Healthcare Provider

I have observed first hand how impactful this organization is in educating youth on substance use disorder, focusing on the opioid epidemic, and providing students with practical knowledge around addiction that aims to save lives.

Health Teacher

Bloomington High School

We Meet Your Needs

Change the Outcome’s educational initiatives do not come in a “one size fits all” box. We work with collaborators to deliver programs that fit their audience and maximize our impact.

Every Visit Is Unique

Meet Our Founder

After losing my son Luke to the opioid epidemic in January, 2016, I worked hard to convert my heartache into meaningful change. I worked with the Steve Rummler Hope Network, participated in Hennepin County’s NoOverdose Campaign, and spoke to many families who were also personally impacted by the opioid epidemic. Through that work, I realized my heart was with young people, and that’s where I wanted to focus my efforts. I founded Change the Outcome because I believe that information is power, and providing young people with honest, judgement free education about substances will empower them and save lives.

Colleen Ronnei

Executive Director

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