Menahga High School Welcomes CTO

This week Change the Outcome traveled to North Central Minnesota to speak to students at Menahga High School. Menahga, you greeted us with warm welcomes and open minds. Thank you! And special thanks to Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr for participating in our panel and to Menahga Schools Superintendent Kevin Wellen for the invitation to speak.

On a more personal note, the Park Rapids Area is near and dear to my heart because it’s the birthplace of all my best Summer memories as a kid. It was a safe, fun space that yielded endless adventures for my family and friends. Now, it’s a place where I can still connect with my brother’s spirit and remember all the fish we caught and night games we played together growing up.

Knowing how deeply the Opioid Epidemic has affected this (and so many other) parts of the state, this CTO visit was especially meaningful to me and my family. Fortunately, Menahga High School found CTO’s visit meaningful, too. According to student feedback, we delivered useful information in a meaningful way. That’s the highest praise we can hope for.

Our visit was also covered by The Park Rapids Enterprise. We hope that this increased awareness may give us the chance to speak at other area schools in the future.

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