Essentia Health Hosts CTO at Clyde Iron Works

Thank you to Essentia Health for inviting us and putting on this event. We had a great time sharing our program with the lovely Duluthians who turned out at Clyde Iron Works last night! As this article from the Duluth News Tribute notes, despite a lot of wins in the battle against the Opioid Epidemic, we’ve still got work to do. We’re glad our program can support your fight.

Just a few weeks ago, the Star Tribune detailed a major raid carried out by “a Duluth police task force and federal agents” that shutdown one of the area’s biggest opioid dealers. Officers quoted in the article say the bust isn’t enough to stop the flow of Mexican-Cartel-produced heroin into the area.

That fact is what makes our mission important. The only way to truly free our communities from the stranglehold of opioid addiction is to ensure there is no market for these drugs. That starts with education. People need to know how dangerous opioids, even legally prescribed ones, can be. They need to know that the road to addiction is much easier to find than is commonly thought due to the neurological changes that substances create in our brain

That’s why we love doing these community events: we get the chance to plant those thoughts. When we speak to open-minded people who seek to protect their community, we know it makes a difference. Together, we can Change the Outcome. Thanks again for listening, Duluth. We look forward to visiting you again soon.

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