FOX9 Covers the Passing of Statewide Naloxone in Schools Legislation

In the wake of the passing of statewide legislation that requires  Naloxone in all public and charter schools, FOX9 reached out to Colleen Ronnei for comment. 

“The more people that carry it, the more likely we are to be able to prevent someone else from losing a child. It is the worst possible thing to lose a child. Every person who overdoses is somebody’s child, whether they’re 40 or 14,”

Change the Outcome, has been working hard for several years on legislation that would ensure that all schools in MN would have the ability to quickly respond to an overdose should it ever need to. We’re very grateful that the legislation passed this year. We believe  the life saving medication naloxone should be as widely available as possible, but especially in school settings where it could save a vulnerable young person’s life. 

See the full FOX9 article and video here.

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